The Realm of Thelora

You wake up without having any memory at all, in a field completely naked.
You're immediately met by a pleasant feeling of warm sunshine on your body.
A sense of calm takes over as you take in the gorgeous sights before your very eyes.
Warm air touches you gently from the lush and thick forests in front of you.
Low, ominous sounds can be heard in the distance or at least you hope it's in the distance.

A sense of adventure takes a hold of you.
This world is rich with opportunities, but also rich with dangers.
There's so much to learn in this world, but now is not the time to get complacent and reckless.
In spite of the treacherous landscape you get the feeling you're not in immediate danger.

Far away you smell traces of eerily familiar beings.
Instinctively, some creatures treat you with fear or ferocity, better safe than sorry.
Even though they don't seem to be bothered by your presence, you keep your distance just to be safe.
You easily spot hairy creatures, feathered creatures, and what you think might be muscular creatures of some sort.

You wish you would have brought lots of supplies as you begin your life as a wanderer, explorer, and adventurer in this new world.
With your eyes on the horizon you move forward as there's a world of wonders at your finger tips.
And, with a bit of tenacity, perseverance, and a good amount of courage, you know you can conquer this unknown land.

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